Packing it all in

(Warning: This post is a bit nerdy as I delve into the art and science of packing for travel. If you only pop in here for the occasional chuckle or picture of the family, feel free to skip this one.) 

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Lisbon 2017

I finally managed to do something I always intended, but never quite accomplished: keep ongoing notes for posterity about a trip while it’s happening. (Let me tell you, it wreaks havoc with verb tenses.)  So below are the writings and notes, with very little edits other than back filling in the names of restaurants and locations (warning, it’s long).   Here also are a small set of pictures. The full album is on Facebook.

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One year later – a post for posterity

Looking forward to 2017

Well, as has happened in the past on our family blogs, I’ve paralyzed myself with a backlog of good intentions. I thought I would be able to go back a give a proper summary to the myriad activities and visitors we enjoyed since July.  Nope. I just can’t keep up, and it’s been keeping me from posting anything else. So I hereby declare Blog Bankruptcy (again).  Instead of beating myself up I will take this opportunity to summarize our first year in Munich.  One year ago today, we left Salem.

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Boy, it’s quiet around here

Elliot left yesterday morning for a 5 day bike trip with his class starting in Passau, GermanIMG_7400y, following the Danube, and ending in Vienna, Austria. (raise your hand if, like me, you wish you could do this trip).

Needless to say, with him gone, it’s pretty quiet around here. There’s been no talk of politics or political correctness for over 24 hours. But there’s also been  fewer jokes, puns, comedy (both the successful and failed varieties) and laughter in general.

We miss this froody dude. Even Merrie, who enjoys being an only child, admits she misses her brother. We are looking forward to hearing all about the trip when he gets home on Saturday.

Prague family visit

With my parents visiting us for the first time here in Germany, mom and I thought it would be nice to plan a long weekend/short travel vacation for all six of us. The parameter we set was a city in a country none of us had ever been to, and one that we all agreed we’d like to visit, preferably one we could reach by train. That was harder to nail down that I would have originally thought. Turns out, between the six of us, we’ve been to a lot of countries. Very quickly, the short list became shorter as we eliminated places too unseasonable, too expensive, or too far. The clear winner for our needs was Prague. Continue reading Prague family visit

Milan 2016

Following our new pattern, the kids and I are tagging along on any of Larry’s business travel that we can. Happily for us, his meetings in Milan coincided nicely with the kids’ Easter break. Larry flew and the three of us drove over the Alps and into Italy. We spent a lovely couple of days wandering that beautiful city, eating gelato, taking in the Duomo from crypts to rooftop terraces, shopping, eating gelato, touring the opera, riding the trams, and eating well every chance we could. The weather was unbelievably beautiful!  We can’t wait to go back. I put the full photo album on FaceBook, but here are my top pics to capture for blog posterity.