We have arrived!


I am happy to report that things are going well for the Underhills. We arrived yesterday in Munich and have spent the last day and a half really settling in. Sure, we’re still living like gypsies, but little by little we are making this house and city our home.  Let’s see… how about I list some of our successes, both big and small, for starters. Where there’s room or energy for commentary, I will try to oblige. If I fall short on the writing tonight, at least there will be pictures at the end.  

~We arrived! We got safely and without incident to Munich.
~We mostly (sort of) figured out our lighting and window configurations. This is a complicated home with many bells and whistles detailed in highly technical German.
~We received our residency visas so all four of us have the right to be in the country and can travel freely now.
~We had amazing coffee in our brand new fancy dancy coffee maker.
~We had our first Paulaner Hefeweizen in our new home. Larry asked: “Who could have guessed, 20 years ago, when we were on the Paulaner merry-go-round at Oktoberfest, that we would be living in a flat in Munich with our kids?”
~First Bavarian dinner out. Merrie is starting to understand why opting for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle in Germany is a challenging approach.
~Navigated the U-ban to go play tourist at the Glockenspiel.
~Did laundry. That may have been the hardest thing so far. It may warrant its own blog post. I am not alone in this thought.
~Cooked first home cook meal. Our meal was tuna pasta, first learned from Zia Lia, and now a staple in our pantry.
~Went to the bank and used our new EC cards (ATM)
~Went to the grocery store
~Kim went back to the grocery store alone when we realized we had forgotten something
~Got mobile phones up and running (despite AT&T)
~Beat jet lag (the trick to release your mind to the concept of time)
~Climbed multiple times up and down our 6 story walk up.  Whew!!


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