The Paris of books, art, and color

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Meredith and I were fortunate enough to take a lightning-quick trip to Paris for a couple of days. It was hot, and it was crowded, and it was — and still is — one of the most amazing cities I’ve had the pleasure to visit. We loved the Latin Quarter and we loved wandering the streets and the museums. We were each moved to tears at the chance to walk among some of the world’s most cherished works of art.  Continue reading The Paris of books, art, and color


Guest Book Author

Artistic credit: Ronnie is the fool responsible for this creative approach when the Air B&B’s polaroid camera for guest documentation was broken


Many of you have heard about Larry’s peculiar approaches to guest books. Indeed, any of you who have been with him when an opportunity to sign a guest book comes up can bear witness to this. (Can I get an amen, Tender Haunches?) It’s true that I will playfully try to  hide any guest book from him in an effort to spare those who do not share or understand his particular type of humor.  But in fact one of my greatest regrets is that I have not captured more of his spontaneous written antics when we travel. While I have a couple from Nashville and Stockholm, in my somewhat mock embarrassment at his special way of commemorating our visits, I often scurry out and claim ignorance or at least no responsibility at what he writes. This time, however, he has outdone himself and his idiosyncratic light can no longer be kept under a bushel. In the guest book at our friend’s beautiful home in Tuscany last weekend, he simply left our names, the date of the visit, and this URL:

Happy to kick off the 2017 Hosting Season

I was thrilled to have our friends from Florida, Vicky and Donnie, visit us this month. It was even more exciting to have rendezvoused in Rome first (see previous post). Oh so cosmopolitan!  This was Vicky’s first European visit, but hopefully not her last.  She and Donnie were celebrating their 10 year anniversary. They visited Florence, Tuscany, Rome, then took an overnight train to visit us here in Munich.

Their visit kicks off the Underhill Hosting Season for 2017, and we even managed to open the balcony for a quick glass of wine and appetizer on their last night here (granted we needed the portable heater and blankets, but we sat out there, damn it!). We had a fantastic time and got to enjoy some rare nice weather, but too soon they had to leave. Here are some pictures from the visit in Rome and in Munich.  Miss you guys!

Half of July’s Adventures

I know I am woefully behind on keeping the blog updated. I can barely keep up with life, never mind finding the time to document said life.  And if I can be frank, the life that we are living right now vacillates between the mundane, difficult life of making our home in a foreign country to an unreal life with crazy opportunities and experiences that are out of a dream. We knock on wood until we get splinters in our knuckles, and we occasionally have minor panic attacks over the absolute unbelievable fortune we have had so far. It’s a crazy life. It’s an amazing life. It’s a beautiful life. Sometimes we just shake our head and wonder what we ever did to let us get here. We are eternally grateful and hashtag blessed. That said, let’s give updating the blog a go.

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Boy, it’s quiet around here

Elliot left yesterday morning for a 5 day bike trip with his class starting in Passau, GermanIMG_7400y, following the Danube, and ending in Vienna, Austria. (raise your hand if, like me, you wish you could do this trip).

Needless to say, with him gone, it’s pretty quiet around here. There’s been no talk of politics or political correctness for over 24 hours. But there’s also been  fewer jokes, puns, comedy (both the successful and failed varieties) and laughter in general.

We miss this froody dude. Even Merrie, who enjoys being an only child, admits she misses her brother. We are looking forward to hearing all about the trip when he gets home on Saturday.

Prague family visit

With my parents visiting us for the first time here in Germany, mom and I thought it would be nice to plan a long weekend/short travel vacation for all six of us. The parameter we set was a city in a country none of us had ever been to, and one that we all agreed we’d like to visit, preferably one we could reach by train. That was harder to nail down that I would have originally thought. Turns out, between the six of us, we’ve been to a lot of countries. Very quickly, the short list became shorter as we eliminated places too unseasonable, too expensive, or too far. The clear winner for our needs was Prague. Continue reading Prague family visit