a simple night I don’t want to forget

We just had dinner, just the four of us. A simple meal made up of all vegetables and mostly leftovers. It’s been a beautiful, busy winter break full of family and friends and travel and adventure, but this evening felt normal and quiet and wonderful. Just us. We talked as a family about travel, and the pros and cons of where we might like to go over Easter break. We laughed. A lot. We shared wish lists. We talked and researched and would branch out to converse two-by-two, but then pull back to all four. We dreamed together. The kids morphed to a geography memory game (and actually did pretty well). Larry and I started looking at my two favorite websites in the whole world:  Google Maps and Google Flights. While talking, Larry cleaned the kitchen. While researching, I hung laundry. Elliot cracked jokes. Merrie shared images of amazing locations. Simple. Happy. All present. Such a present.


An authentic day in Bavaria

We were fortunate enough to attend a 500 year old tradition today (which was special enough for me to dust off the blog and remember my password for WordPress 3+ months after the last post). The four of us drove out early this morning to the small village of Fischbachau/Hundham to attend the annual Leonhardiritt, a horse-riders’ and carriage procession, including an outdoor service in the meadow with a special blessing for the horses at the end. It was a beautiful costume parade that was absolutely authentic. You won’t get more Bavarian than the day we had. Continue reading An authentic day in Bavaria

Summer visit in New England


Our family popped back over the pond for a two week visit to our New England homes. We spent a week in New Hampshire with family; I spent a weekend in Maine with my #Magpies; we spent a week in Massachusetts catching up more with family and friends; and we had a last hurrah evening eating at one of our favorite restaurants, then watching one of our favorite bands in a very intimate setting with some of our favorite friends. Every chance we could we ate seafood and looked at the beautiful ocean.

FullSizeRender (2)

New England is nothing short of stunning in the summer. We had amazing luck with the weather and got to spend time with many (but certainly not all) of the people we hold near and dear. The kids got to spend time with their friends, and most importantly, we got to spend time with Nana, Doodles, and Lilly.  In no particular order, here are a few highlight photos from this trip.


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The Paris of books, art, and color

FullSizeRender (1)

Meredith and I were fortunate enough to take a lightning-quick trip to Paris for a couple of days. It was hot, and it was crowded, and it was — and still is — one of the most amazing cities I’ve had the pleasure to visit. We loved the Latin Quarter and we loved wandering the streets and the museums. We were each moved to tears at the chance to walk among some of the world’s most cherished works of art.  Continue reading The Paris of books, art, and color

Guest Book Author

Artistic credit: Ronnie is the fool responsible for this creative approach when the Air B&B’s polaroid camera for guest documentation was broken


Many of you have heard about Larry’s peculiar approaches to guest books. Indeed, any of you who have been with him when an opportunity to sign a guest book comes up can bear witness to this. (Can I get an amen, Tender Haunches?) It’s true that I will playfully try to  hide any guest book from him in an effort to spare those who do not share or understand his particular type of humor.  But in fact one of my greatest regrets is that I have not captured more of his spontaneous written antics when we travel. While I have a couple from Nashville and Stockholm, in my somewhat mock embarrassment at his special way of commemorating our visits, I often scurry out and claim ignorance or at least no responsibility at what he writes. This time, however, he has outdone himself and his idiosyncratic light can no longer be kept under a bushel. In the guest book at our friend’s beautiful home in Tuscany last weekend, he simply left our names, the date of the visit, and this URL: http://lgu.io/tuscany.txt.

Belgium with my baby girl

IMG_4423Last weekend, Meredith and I took off for a long mother/daughter weekend to a new country: Belgium.  Land of waffles, fries, mussels, beer, and chocolate.  We had a wonderful time traveling together, exploring Brussels and Bruges. The weather was clear and very, very warm. We enjoyed museums, parks, canals, and of course, the food.  Meredith is becoming quite adept at navigating around Europe, be it in airports, train stations, or subways and trams. She’s developing a keen sense of direction and observation. She’s a great travel partner, and I hope we get more opportunities for adventure.

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Somehow I skipped Sicily

IMG_3997In my spurt of catching up on the blog I realized I never got around to posting here about our family’s vacation to Sicily this spring. It was one of few full-week vacations we’ve ever taken to a destination that wasn’t considered home (Salem, NH, Tennessee). And it was amazing. Time was such a luxury for us that it almost felt like multiple vacations, not just one.   Continue reading Somehow I skipped Sicily