Another day in the plus column

Nothing poetic or deep with this post. Just a little more recording — in  a quick and dirty fashion– the little things and the big things that get us that much closer to being settled in. Plus I’ll throw in some pictures for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Things that went towards making today a success:  We retrieved our wayward luggage. I figured out the problem with the dishwasher and its Salz complaint. I troubleshot the issues with the cooktop. I continued to have success with the washer/dryer (really.. that one is still a biggie). The kids and I explored the English Gardens where I was able to procure lunch  (currywurst, pommel frites, kuchen, wasser, und glühwine) and where Meredith got up the nerve to approach strangers, ask in German if they spoke English, and ask if she could pet their dogs (she is the most shy and reluctant of the four of us in regards to the language, so it was a pretty big milestone). Larry finally wrestled AT&T to unlock our last device. We figured out where the trash goes. Larry cooked another yummy Bavarian meal. Flowers from my sweet friend, Tracy,  made the day complete. And lastly we got all supplies prepped and clothes laid out for tomorrow’s first day of school.

We are all a little nervous about tomorrow (each for our own reasons), but we remind ourselves that we are a family that does hard things and that we have courage. Our strategy is to plan for the worst but hope for the best. Our philosophy is to make the best of every situation.  Our number one rule is Don’t Panic. Our number two rule is Have Fun. Following those guidelines, we should continue to do OK.



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