Somehow I skipped Sicily

IMG_3997In my spurt of catching up on the blog I realized I never got around to posting here about our family’s vacation to Sicily this spring. It was one of few full-week vacations we’ve ever taken to a destination that wasn’t considered home (Salem, NH, Tennessee). And it was amazing. Time was such a luxury for us that it almost felt like multiple vacations, not just one.   Continue reading Somehow I skipped Sicily


Happy to kick off the 2017 Hosting Season

I was thrilled to have our friends from Florida, Vicky and Donnie, visit us this month. It was even more exciting to have rendezvoused in Rome first (see previous post). Oh so cosmopolitan!  This was Vicky’s first European visit, but hopefully not her last.  She and Donnie were celebrating their 10 year anniversary. They visited Florence, Tuscany, Rome, then took an overnight train to visit us here in Munich.

Their visit kicks off the Underhill Hosting Season for 2017, and we even managed to open the balcony for a quick glass of wine and appetizer on their last night here (granted we needed the portable heater and blankets, but we sat out there, damn it!). We had a fantastic time and got to enjoy some rare nice weather, but too soon they had to leave. Here are some pictures from the visit in Rome and in Munich.  Miss you guys!

Milan 2016

Following our new pattern, the kids and I are tagging along on any of Larry’s business travel that we can. Happily for us, his meetings in Milan coincided nicely with the kids’ Easter break. Larry flew and the three of us drove over the Alps and into Italy. We spent a lovely couple of days wandering that beautiful city, eating gelato, taking in the Duomo from crypts to rooftop terraces, shopping, eating gelato, touring the opera, riding the trams, and eating well every chance we could. The weather was unbelievably beautiful!  We can’t wait to go back. I put the full photo album on FaceBook, but here are my top pics to capture for blog posterity.