This page will capture any feedback or information that friends wish to share. It’s likely going to be a bit of a mash up… we will see.  

For instance, a friend’s friend recently mentioned the following tips on Facebook:

Einbahnstrasse is not a street name but a one way street.

Aushfarht is an exit.

“Wo it die toilette” is where is the bathroom.

 You generally don’t tip in restaurants. You round up to the nearest euro or add an additional euro or two.
From Leanne, who visited in December 2016 – if travel dates are open, this is a nice way to travel – it lets you put in month, home location, and other specs and brings up a map of flights. – this is my new favorite. You sign up, set your preferences, and it sends you emails once or twice a week of really good deals. This is where that super cheap Munich deal I sent last week came from. My brother told me about it and I was skeptical, but it’s already saved us a ton of cash. You can buy a premium subscription to specify cities, but I haven’t done that. – this is a little less relevant to people staying with you, but still an excellent travel resource for the traveler who is ok flying by the seat of his/her pants. Last minute deals in every major city. – obviously not Munich, but if any of your visitors are heading to Prague after, this site was invaluable.
That train site you listed was tops – such a good resource. – great apps that don’t use data and have huge translator dictionaries and city guides.

I have not used the following, but they’ve been recommended to me and some day I’ll check them out.

This is our map that we created of all of the Christmas Markets – might be helpful for guests next holiday season.