So you’re thinking of visiting Munich?  Great! We can’t wait to see you!  We are so absolutely delighted to have friends and family come to visit us in Munich! We encourage them to take advantage of our limited time in this world-class city. We have the space and the ability to host and we are so happy to see folks again. Now that we are somewhat settled we can hardly wait for the company!

In order to try and help you as much as possible,  we’ve carved out a little space on the family blog for some Munich related pages. Navigating through the menu you should be able to find a standard disclaimer, some FAQs, and some sample itineraries or recommendations from friends and family who have come before.

If you have anything to add, be it a recommendation or a question for the FAQ, please email me at ukimmeru [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please consider this page under construction — still trying to figure out the logical order of things…