Sleeping under the stars

The balcony off our kitchen has become my new happy place. It’s where I always want to be, tending my plants, watching the birds, feeling the sun and the breeze. Larry says I’ve become solar powered, and maybe he’s right. But the other night I was lunar powered, too.

It was a full-ish moon, just past the solstice, the dusk was clear and warm and beautiful, and I just could not bring myself to go inside. I stayed to watch the sun set. Then I listened to the birds settle down. Then I watched for bats. It was past ten when I watched the fairy lights come on. Then I watched the stars come out. One by one, the stars in the Big Dipper appeared over me. I laid back on the couch and closed my eyes, to doze, but I left my glasses on so that when I opened my eyes I could see the stars and the silhouettes of my crooked willow trees, and the pretty lights strewn through my herbs. And that’s where I slept.

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The days are getting longer

Slowly and strangely winter is receding from Munich. While I was envious reading about the 70 degree temps experienced back home today, I certainly appreciate our weather here, maybe because it reminds me of the fickle New England climate. Today, it was downright frosty, but the sky was clear and blue. That goes a long way towards feeling spring is close. Even though we are still having very cold days, we are also having snow drops, crocus, and cherry blossoms blooming. Birds are building nests, and things are turning from brown to green. Things are turning hopeful.

Tonight, after we had cleaned up from dinner, I stepped out on our balcony. It had warmed up as the day went on, so it was chilly, but pleasant and clear out there. I looked up and was delighted to see stars. Stars! In the heart of the city! It made me so happy. The church bells started tolling the hour of eight. I stood there in the cool, dark evening, and I felt very thankful.