Guest Book Author

Artistic credit: Ronnie is the fool responsible for this creative approach when the Air B&B’s polaroid camera for guest documentation was broken


Many of you have heard about Larry’s peculiar approaches to guest books. Indeed, any of you who have been with him when an opportunity to sign a guest book comes up can bear witness to this. (Can I get an amen, Tender Haunches?) It’s true that I will playfully try to  hide any guest book from him in an effort to spare those who do not share or understand his particular type of humor.  But in fact one of my greatest regrets is that I have not captured more of his spontaneous written antics when we travel. While I have a couple from Nashville and Stockholm, in my somewhat mock embarrassment at his special way of commemorating our visits, I often scurry out and claim ignorance or at least no responsibility at what he writes. This time, however, he has outdone himself and his idiosyncratic light can no longer be kept under a bushel. In the guest book at our friend’s beautiful home in Tuscany last weekend, he simply left our names, the date of the visit, and this URL:


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