Pretty sure I wasn’t in Kazakhstan

It was a pretty crazy, whirlwind summer — hell, it’s been a crazy seven months, but now that things are starting to settle down, I am turning my attention to processing 3+ months  of photos for the blog and albums. I took a preliminary peek at the daunting task I have ahead of me, and I was little tickled. Granted, it has been a great run so far, and the last couple months, especially, have been overflowing with all things hashtag blessed. But throughout all the fun, and travel via planes and trains and autos, and amid all the laughter, and the amazing company, I am relatively certain I was never in Kazakhstan.


Yet.  But other than that little inexplicable blip, the locations feature on my Photos is quite accurate and it reminded me how much we’ve done since we’ve gotten here. It’s incredible and a little humbling. And the amount of photos I have to go through is overwhelming.  So please bear with me. I will be blogging again soon, I promise.  But first a little research about Kazakhstan.


One thought on “Pretty sure I wasn’t in Kazakhstan

  1. Wow. I had no idea that you traveled to Kazakhstan too. Must have slipped over the border when you were in Prague.. Everyone knows, iPhones…like the internet…never lies…


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