A day in the life…

I thought I would take a second to share a little more about shopping. People shop a lot here. I shop a lot here. It’s a main area for my language practice, and I’m starting to get good at the transactional German because I do so much shopping. In truth, some type of shopping is done almost daily here in Germany. Food is fresh, fridge’s are small, and every day I find I’m at one type of shop or another. There were some days, especially early on, when I found it more annoying than quaint. “What do you mean we’re out of milk again?!” But I’m getting into some semblance of a rhythm now. I never leave home without my reusable bags. (And I always get milk anytime I’m at a store, so that problem at least is eliminated).

Everyday I am at a bakery, and we have A LOT of bakeries. Every other day I am at the Edeka for a small grocery run. (By small I mean anything that I can take back on my bike). Thursdays I pick up the kids after school so I typically do a large grocery shopping then because I have the car and the extra help to lug it upstairs.Sundays everything except some bakeries is closed. Saturdays it seems everyone is doing their shopping and things feel a bit more crowded and harried, so I try not to do too much shopping then.

I like shopping Friday mornings in my neighborhood.  Kürfenstenplatz has everything I need in one little area, so I make my rounds to the fruit vendor, the florist, the bakery, and the cheesemonger.  Just a little past is Elizabethmarkt, which is a fantastic outdoor/indoor farmer’s market, but I rarely get over there.  Today, I also stopped at the Thai Imbiss for some very tasty take out lunch. Here’s a quick pick of what I bought today (minus the Thai which is already in ma belly.)

Happy weekend, everyone!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


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