a little mid-week check in

This has been a good week so far. Yeah, I know it’s only Tuesday, but I still stand by the statement.

The kids had off last Thursday and Friday for yet another Bavarian holiday. We stayed pretty local, only really venturing to the zoo. Elliot had to study for his final exams. I was still wrapping up with a very stubborn illness and Merrie was just starting her turn with the nasty bug.

IMG_7184Larry had been stateside for a week, attending a conference and squeezing in a visit back to Salem. While he was gone, the kids and I hunkered down, fought the funk, and ate pasta literally every day. (No shame). He happily returned to us on Saturday and I offered to fetch him from the airport. That turned into a comedy of errors, but luckily we can laugh at ourselves and each other.

That night we spontaneously hung out with our amazingly awesome downstairs neighbors on our balcony on one of the rare dry nights. We spent Sunday cuddled up and relaxing, while still managing to get some things taken care of around the house, including mapping out and budgeting our next few months (OMG! Things are about to get busy!)

Despite the near daily rain weatherwe are getting, personally I feel like a fog is lifting. I feel like I am almost moving at full speed and with full energy again. I swear, I’ve gotten more done in the past two days than in the past three weeks. I’m becoming more involved at the kids’ school and continuing to meet new and interesting people, including a really cool neighbor who also happens to be a very talented jazz singer.

There’s not really a lot that’s new or different, so I’ll just share a few pics from the week’s wanderings before I go off and make some food for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon tomorrow.


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