Sometimes life demands lemonade

The Chinese Tower at the English Gardens with bonus cameo of a Chestnut tree just past peak.

Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful day in Munich. We had 82 glorious degrees, bright Alpine blue skies, gentle breezes. Glorious, I tell you. And the Bavarians lost their minds in happiness. I think every single person had at least one gelato while walking or biking about town in cute summery garb. One out of every two people went to the Englishergarten, and the other one went to one of the dozen public pools. Everyone ate at least one meal at an outdoor cafe or biergarten, and more people than I care to count (no, really) removed every stitch of clothing in order to absorb every single bit of Vitamin D they could.

But that was yesterday.

Today it barely crested 50 degrees. It is windy, cold, and brutally rainy.  Because I was raised in New England, I’m used to this ridiculousness, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck a little bit of joy out of my heart. Sometimes it feels like everything is harder than it should be here. Even the weather.

This morning, Merrie was commenting that it seems a shame that we haven’t found lemonade here yet. Granted, it may be that it exists somewhere, or goes by a different name, but anytime she has ordered lemonade she ends up with a citron soda, like Sprite.

After she left for school, I realized that I had a half dozen lemons, sugar, strawberries, and mint, so I decided to make our own sunshine on this gloomy day. Both kids came home from school cold and damp. Hot chocolate might have been more appropriate, but they were thrilled with the strawberry lemonade. Not only was it so pink and pretty, but it was also so delicious. We drank the whole pitcher and now we’re all sloshy and smiling. And it wasn’t even that hard.


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