Munich in bloom

Between the wet, cold weather fronts that we’ve had almost constantly, we did have a few days of glorious spring. Even though it wreaked havoc with my allergies, everything was lush and blooming and lovely. Our balcony is filling in, the window boxes and the gardens of the neighborhoods are become bright and full.

I got a couple pictures of the walls of lilacs at the Nymphenburg Schloss but I’m disappointed that I didn’t get a picture of the chestnut trees here in Munich. For the past two weeks they were absolutely gorgeous. Unlike many spring trees that flower before the leaves appear, chestnut trees are in full green when the countless blossoms emerge, some pink, some white, some combined the two. The trees were covered with beautiful triangular spikes of flowers — like individual bouquets — rising from the leaves base all the way to the top.  In some ways they reminded me of decorated christmas trees.  Stunningly delicate and delightful floral ornaments dotting the rich, broad, green leaves.

Munich has countless chestnut trees. They are the traditional shade trees at Biergartens and I find them quite lovely.  We don’t have too many chestnut trees back in Massachusetts, at least not anymore. We had a blight not to long ago that wiped most of them out. I remember when Chestnut Street in Salem had chestnut trees. As a very small child, I’d stuff my pockets full of the nuts whenever I went with my mom to her work. I’d find them between the bricks on the sidewalk, and at the base of the huge tree trunks when squirrels would scold and chatter at me from above. I think of those times when I see the Chestnut trees here. I think of home.



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