And in a blink they were gone

[I’m sick (again, or still; depends on your perspective). This weekend I did essentially nothing but lay in bed, nap, and binge on Netflix. I’m a bit more rested today, but still mostly useless. One thing I can do, however, when I am feeling under the weather is catch up the blog and the photo albums.]


All too soon my parents flew back to Boston. Even though they’ve only been gone a week I miss them very much. We all do. We had a lot of fun in the three weeks that they were here. I am admittedly a lousy tour guide, still being a tourist myself and all, but before they left we managed to squeeze in some more fun activities including lunch at  Ammersee, a HOHO bus in Munich, a peek at the Nymphenburg Schloss, and a great mother’s day dinner at our favorite local restaurant. We got to meet the visiting student from Poland who was participating in a Theater Festival/seminar with Elliot. As a family we got to go watch their very impressive production. We were invited down for an impromptu wine tasting at our neighbors’ home. I’m glad my parents got to see the kids’ school, got to meet our neighbors and new friends, and got to really experience our home and our neighborhood. Their support means the world to us. I’m grateful they could reassure themselves (and us!) that we were right to take this opportunity.



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