Catching up with life, the universe, and everything

This post should bring me up to date with blogging (and I suppose bring you up to date with the Underhills).  Now that we are back from our spring break travels (see earlier posts and FaceBook for full pictures), we are spending this weekend nesting and doing household chores. But we did take a bike break today to watch the surfers on the Isar River in the English Garden. That’s right: surfers on a river in the middle of Munich.  

As a family we got on our bikes (after some repairs and pumping) and headed down to the English Gardens. We cruised around, watched the surfers, watched the ducks, ate some lunch in the beer garden while listening to oompa-pa music. We then split up. The kids attempted (and ultimately failed) to find their way home and Larry and I rode our bikes to downtown. It was a gorgeous ride, and one I had never made, so I got to see all kinds of new and interesting things!

Our trip was cut short by Larry going back to help the kids. So I tackled the Blizzard Mentality that is shopping on a Saturday in Germany, made all the more manic with the holiday yesterday and the two holidays coming tomorrow and Monday. I got a little glimpse of what Marienplatz might be like in the summer.

As we went down there today it was pretty packed with tourists and the few locals still in town who wanted to enjoy the nice weather and do some shopping. It seems that everyone goes out of town for holidays, so like NFL coaches in the off-season, we just switch around cities over here. People in Munich go to Paris. People from Stockholm come to Munich. People in Milan go to Athens. It seems like everyone travels somewhere else for the holidays. Well, we are new to this, so we only traveled for one of the two weeks that the kids are off.  Someone needs to be home in the building to accept packages.

Tomorrow for us will be filled with Ikea assembly as we continue to furnish the house. We still have three more deliveries coming up in the next couple of weeks, but we are slowly making this house a home. This weekend we started hanging pictures and arranging the home. The kids are happy to be able to relax in their room after a lot of travel in a short period of time. Elliot had decided that Merrie is now old enough and nerdy enough that she needs The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so that 5 part trilogy has been passed on to her ceremoniously.  Larry has been tackling the ever looming pile of paper work and reimbursment administration. He’s done a lot of work-related travel this spring, and has a lot more to come.

Oh! A fun thing happened the night we got home from Vienna.  We had barely been in the house for 10 minutes (and yes, I was already half way into my PJs) when the doorbell rang. I just assumed it was a neighbor with a package or mail for us.  I was half right: It was a neighbor, but she was inviting us to a party that was already in process. It was for the people in the top floors of the building to celebrate the elevator finally working.  Not wanting to miss a chance to see our neighbors, we quickly freshened and headed down. We all mixed and mingled, all doors open so that everyone could see everyone else’s homes. Well, I will admit I was not expecting a houseful of people, but happily we left the house in OK condition before we traveled, and I have been slowly stocking up on snacks and wine, so we were able to tour our neighbors and friends and do our share of the hosting during the impromptu party.  I have to say: we totally lucked out with neighbors so far. All three families on the floor below us I completely love!  I hope we have many afternoons and evenings of causal, comfortable get-togethers out on the balcony.

We are looking forward to next month when friends and family start visiting! Our spring and summer months are just about filled with traveling and hosting travelers (my two favorite things.) If you are thinking of visiting, let’s look at calendars together. We have lots of room and would love to see you!






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