The world is a little less bright

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Not our most recent visit, but one of the many good times we had with Mrs B.

This week a very special woman passed away. Bonnie Barrett was very influential in Larry’s life. She was the mother of his best friend, and she truly loved him like her own. With her gone, the world is a little less bright. She was an amazing woman in many ways, and her influence was like a pebble in the river, rippling and touching so many. She loved to teach, and she loved to learn new skills. She loved competition and she always had faith that you could accomplish anything you set out to do. She loved to laugh. She loved to talk and share her insights and experiences, and we are richer for it.

The kids knew Bonnie — Elliot better than Merrie, perhaps — but they both have good memories of her. When they started crying upon news of her death, I hugged them tight, but then I told them that Mrs. B — or BonnieBarrett (one word run together) — didn’t have much use for tears. If they wanted to honor her, they should go play basketball or soccer, or go ride their bikes and explore someplace new. They should challenge themselves to try something they’ve never done before. That’s the best way they can honor her.

We are heartbroken being so far away from Tennessee and being unable to do anything other than remember her in our hearts and hold her loved ones in our prayers. Her sudden illness and passing took many of us by surprise. I am glad she did not suffer or linger long in an incapacitated state. I know she would have hated that. Her body is at rest and her spirit has moved on into the Universe. I know her energy and force will continue to influence those whose lives she touched. I’ll see you in the sunsets, Mrs. B.  We love you.


2 thoughts on “The world is a little less bright

  1. Dear Ones,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I know how challenging it is to be so far away from those you love when all of you are grieving. I am glad you have each other with your shared memories. All you can do is get busy with things that require intense focus.
    Sending a long-distance hug,


  2. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how much she meant to you. Larry was very lucky to have her in his life as he was growing up. No doubt she had a great influence in helping to mold him into the wonderful young man he is.
    My thoughts and love are with all of you.

    Margie…love from Jimmy too!


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