On to the next phase

Our to-do stickers are fewer and fewer these days

I have to remind myself often that we have not been in Germany that long, especially on the days that I am berating myself for not being better at the language or at getting around or at having the house or myself put together.  Today marks eight weeks.  Only eight weeks. Two months. It seems so much longer than that.

The first couple weeks were taken up with shell shock, culture shock, and initial adjustments for the whole family (also known as the This is AMAZING!!!  This was a MISTAKE!!! phase). Then we had a plateau of our new normalcy while we continued to “camp” in our new (and still incomplete) apartment. After our trip to London, we hit that little lull both in emotion and in our physical surroundings. We also hit the wall of frustration with the things still left so undone.  But then last week, our household goods arrived from the States, and since then, it feels like we have really picked up speed and intensity.

Larry is in London and in Poland this week, and he has a lot more travel scheduled for the next month. Elliot will be working backstage at a school production next week which will keep him at school nights and weekends. Meredith is working at making friends, managing pre-teen emotion and angst, and happily spending time with all her belongings, and I am working on making this house a home. Having our own stuff certainly goes a long way, and ordering the pieces that we are missing helps too. Of course, we failed to consider how long it takes for furniture to ship, so items may or may not be in place when our first guests arrive next month (NEXT MONTH!!!! woo hoo!)

Merrie and I took our newly arrived bikes out for a ride yesterday. That felt great. I can hardly wait for the nice weather to arrive.  Here are a few more pics from our past week’s activities.  I need to run to a 5th grade parent lunch. I will say that this school has many, many opportunities for socialization and volunteering. I’m really happy with how many awesome people I’ve met so far.




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