Night Visions

After dinner on Friday night, the kids settled in to their respective screens and Larry and I headed out for a little stroll around our neighborhood. We weren’t out long and we had no particular destination in mind. We just wandered around, appreciated being in the moment, and appreciated having time together to talk after such  busy week. Personally, I really appreciated being out of the house. This week, for me, was predominately spent in the apartment, waiting on the various repairmen and worker-bees. I was damn near stir crazy by Friday night.

On our way out the door, we had to wade through about 20 or so Germans in the little lobby of our building. This was odd. There’s usually no one there, certainly no one loitering about. And definitely no one putting on blue latex gloves en mass.  Excuse me? This warranted a double take. There was definitely a crowd of about 20 middle- to upper-middle aged Germans, congregating and all putting on blue laytex gloves. As we did not possess the language skills to ask WTF, and as no one seemed abashed at being there, we passed through and out, acting like there was nothing at all out of the ordinary.

We saw some pretty interesting sights on our walk, and some very beautiful sights too. Munich is a very pretty city, striking in its variety of quiet neighborhoods, vibrant, bustling streets, happening arts scene, and peaceful family life. There is quite a range of architecture and history that we passed. While we walked, I kept going back to the people in our lobby trying to come up with what possible scenario could warrant them being there. I came up empty.

It wasn’t till we got back home that we figured it out: There was a pop up performance art event that met in our lobby. We hadn’t noticed the posters when we first headed out.  Performance art. Go figure.


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