My birthday celebration



Because my birthday fell in the middle of a week filled with early mornings and late nights at work for Larry, we delayed my celebration until this weekend. We spent a beautiful Saturday driving down to Garmish P to take an Alpine stroll. It was the same hike that Larry and Elliot took last week. It sounded so beautiful that it was what I chose to do for my birthday celebration too. We were slightly delayed by a typical German Stau (a traffic jam the likes of which there is no escape), but it was worth the added time. The weather was perfect, the views were breathtaking, and the company was absolutely delightful.

To get to the trailhead you have to wend through the most charming little town of Garmish. It really does look like a movie set. Then, once on the trail, you walk uphill on wide, well groomed paths surrounded by the most gorgeous mountain scenery. Even if you’re not winded, you want to stop frequently just to appreciate where you are. Then, about an hour into walking, you come to the Pfeiffer-Alm, a charming Alpine restaurant with a patio that gives amazing views. We stopped there, got some lunch, enjoyed the view and spent time laughing and dreaming and scheming.  Memorably, one of the things that made us laugh the most was Elliot willingly taking scene prompts from us and acting them out in his voice impersonations (i.e, Golum opening a bank account; Comet — from The Santa Clause — falling in love with a cow; Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to adopt a puppy at the pound, etc).  Meredith made the most of the weather by taking off her shoes and socks and ran barefoot through an Alpine field. I’d say it was a perfect birthday celebration.

Technical aside: I’m trying to figure out the best way of uploading photos I want to share with everyone (WordPress, Flickr, FaceBook albums, etc). I’m guessing that if we end up printing the blog, they should be here, but the WordPress site was giving me a hard time, so for this post, at least, the pictures are on my Flickr account.  I’ll see how that works.


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