Elliot’s birthday


I realize I’m a little behind on posting pictures. Unfortunately, in scrolling through my camera roll, most of my pictures are of lists of things we need or possible furniture ideas from the different stores (Ikea, Roller, Momax, Masions du Monde, etc). But there are a few to share. Here are the pictures from Elliot’s birthday celebration, well, at least the first half.  The second half involved an amazing hike out of Garmish with Larry.  Larry has the pictures and the tales of their adventures which he will share soon. Not to steal his thunder — rather to build suspense, I will include the above picture (because I love it!) and a teaser story of Elliot Humperdinck who sleuthed around the scene of what appears to be a hare successfully hunted by a big cat dog (thanks, Todd for your help).

Elliot’s birthday was pretty low key, per his request. He chose Vietnamese for the meal, and let me tell you: the restaurant (a mere 10 minute walk) was out of this world delicious!  When we got home from dinner we gave him his presents, which included a t-shirt from his sister and a bag full of American junk food goodies that he had been missing and craving. Top of that list was his coveted A1 Steak Sauce (I try not to judge). The next morning, his actual birthday, I cooked him his favorite breakfast: bacon, eggs, and toast with homemade jam. That afternoon, he also got to make a wish on his birthday krapfen (we haven’t found any cakes, per se, yet).  Then Sunday was the Man Hike in the Alps… but that’s a story for a different writer.


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