A glimpse at Meredith


Our home here is still incomplete, both in construction and in furnishings. It will remain so until our belongings arrive sometime in the next few months, so we are living simply in this very stark, white home. Regardless, Meredith has been working to make her space her own. In this family of introverts, she is a whirling dervish and a bold dash of spice and color in our otherwise quiet, standardized, vanilla world.  Here are a few pictures from her room that I snapped last night (they have a yellowish hue, because of the lighting — sorry). I’m particularly interested in sharing what’s above her calendar/organizational space. She received for Xmas a stack of 1o0 or so fortunes and sayings. She chose some of her favorite and affixed them to her workspace.  I think they are pretty telling of the kind of cool chick she is.


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