Saturday and simple adventures

Here’s a gallery of pictures from today. It was a rainy day, and we all slept in, but neither precipitation or sleepiness kept most of us from exploring.  (Elliot’s still not feeling well, so he stayed home, rested, and recharged his introvert batteries.)

Our new neighborhood, Schwabing has countless stores of all kinds. It also has an amazing outdoor, year-round market (Elisabethmarkt) just a block away. While wandering, we discovered yet another grocery store in the neighborhood, and sampled the wares of a few bakeries and wine shops. We then walked to our local large department store to scout out future needs and wandered new-to-us streets and neighborhoods between Leopoldstrasse and the English Gardens. Oh, and we ran into our neighbors while out shopping. They invited us to their home next week!  Tomorrow is Sunday. Rumor has it that everything is closed. We plan to sleep in again and then take a nice family walk in the German tradition.



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