Lest you think it’s all wine and roses

Let me assure you that we are having our share of challenges too. Some were frustrating. Some were funny haha. Some were funny uh-oh.

~ One of our luggages took a circuitous route and only arrived in the country this evening. It was one of eight pieces of checked luggage, and of all the pieces it was the one we could most live without. Honestly, I thought it was Karma Coin and was willing to sacrifice it, but apparently we will get it back tomorrow.
~Because of futile luggage search, we were delayed in arriving and our timing was thrown off a little. As such, we forgot to get our biometric pictures taken upon arrival and thus inadvertently made our relocation consultant in charge of our residency visas late. She was a bit miffed.
~Our kitchen still is not complete. I think Murphy Brown’s painter has relocated to Germany… We are told two more weeks. We shall see.
~The elevator is still not operational. So our six-floor walk-up will help our little family get back into shape soon.
~Can’t for the life of me figure out what in the hell I am doing wrong with the dishwasher. I followed all the given directions. I even went to the store this evening and bought MORE salt (yes, the dishwashers here require salt, clearing gel, and detergent), but it still will not run.
~There are a few things in the home that either don’t work (some plugs), are already broken (one sunshade), or we haven’t figured out yet (how to get the black out shades down on certain windows).  I accidentally woke all the kids when I inadvertently opened up all their window blinds this morning. I thought I was only opening the ones in the living room. Guess there’s a universal button.  Who knew?
~Did I mention our kitchen still is not done?
~We seriously misjudged the width of the door to our loft. As such, we may not be able to fit some furniture up there.
~ Lastly and probably the biggest winner in this category will require a little story:  This evening, Larry went downstairs to put our name on the mailbox and doorbell plate and to test our doorbell because it didn’t seem to work right earlier today when we had a visitor. The kids and I were up in the flat and I was staying close to the control panel to listen to when he rang. On the way out the door he said he had a key.

He was taking a long time, but as he’s often pointed out: I have a tendency to over react (Quiet, out there!) So with that in mind, I was managing myself and not immediately checking  on him. I was busy with unpacking and I thought maybe he was getting our delivery that we had missed from our neighbor or having difficulties attaching our names to the areas, or introducing himself to another neighbor, etc.

I finally asked Elliot to go check on him. I don’t know exactly how long it had been, but it felt like it had been a really long time by then. Elliot came back almost immediately saying he heard Larry talking in the hallway. I stepped out on the landing and peered over the railing and saw and heard Larry talking to a woman. That just confirmed to me that he had indeed been chatting with neighbors. I was proud not to have over reacted.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Larry was locked out the whole time and absolutely Donald Duckian when he finally came in. He even jumped up and down with fists balled when he thought Elliot came all the way down, sighted Larry and returned up thinking he was ok.  This did not happen, but it’s an understandable mistake. Larry was a little upset. No coat. No phone. No language. No outdoor key. (He only brought the key to our apartment, not to the main door.



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