Anatomy of an international move part three: nothing left but the flying

A few of you have asked us how things are going so far, and I have to admit (while knocking on wood) that it’s going pretty well. The movers came yesterday and today. We fly to Germany on Sunday.  Between now and then we will head to Maine and enjoy a 1920’s costume New Year’s Eve party with our dearest friends (because why wouldn’t we 23 Skidoo before we 3.5 year skiddadle?)

I’m very relieved to have the movers behind us. The crew was excellent. They really put me at ease. They were polite, courteous, kind, gentle, happy, and professional. I wish I could have the same team unload us in Germany.

The months of planning and the weeks of work seem to have paid off. By the time the movers got in and got settled, there wasn’t much for me to do. I was still nervous as a cat in the beginning; but by the afternoon (after ensuring they had coffee and donuts and pizza) I was feeling a post-production crash and I needed to nap and rest and just do nothing for a few hours. It was wonderful. A mini, unexpected, and very needed vacation. My body and my mind got to take a little break, a very necessary break.

Today I was refreshed, relaxed, and completely charged to tackle more of the last minute work that we needed to do. It seems the lists never end.  Spackle walls; seal countertops; finalize paperwork and luggage.  While we were taking care of the to do list, Elliot got to completely vegetate in the basement all day and Meredith had quite a run as a social butterfly, getting to see her friends one last time before the move.

We are all still terribly strategic; still very much one step at a time. In some ways it doesn’t seem real that we will be flying to Germany on Sunday, that we will be moving to Bavaria where we don’t really know the language or the culture yet. We’ve put what we think are our immediately needed possessions into 10 suitcases (and let me tell you: some of those suckers are heavy!) and come Sunday, we will be off to start the next chapter. Meanwhile, we have a few more hours in this house. Even when it’s empty, it’s very beautiful to us, We will miss this home.




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