Advent Calendar 2015

This marks the end of another Advent Calendar season.

As you may or may not know, one of the rules for Advent Calendar is that before they get to open a drawer, they need to write something for which they are grateful or thankful. Without commentary or edits, here are this year’s gratitudes.   From all of us to all of you, may your holiday season be filled with gratitude, humility, peace, and laughter. 



1. A fuzzy bathrobe 1.      An equally fuzzy Bathrobe
2.My amazing and funny friends : D 2.      For good books
3. Warm PJs 3.      The people I love : )
4. My family living with me 4. FOUR MORE DAYS FOUR MORE DAYS
5.  A large hotel room 5. For Sleep #3moredays
6. A solid roof over my head and a good place to sleep 6. My nana and my mom #2moredays
7. Food on my table 7. For my brand new Christmas tree #1moredays
8. My family 8. For my favorite fictional people (pls, Isayama, pls)
9. My grandparents living downstairs 9.  For my awesome family
10. My wonderful brother 10. For Douglass Adams
11. My dad’s job 11. My awesome house
12. A wonderful house 12. For my little sister : )
13. How awesome my parents are 13. For my current school’s rules
14. My awesome parents for throwing me a birthday party : D 14. My little sister : )
15. My dad bringing me SWISS chocolate! 15. For my awesome house
16. Sleeping in and watching xmas movies with my family 16. For a good night’s sleep
17. My family all being healthy 17. For my grandma and mom : )
18. My wonderful eyesight (so far) 18.For J.J. Abrams not screwing up Star Wars
19. Me and Elliot being brother and sister 19. For Iron Chef : )
20. My family throwing me a birthday party with my friends 20.For an amazing Iron Chef competition!
21. My friends giving me awesome birthday presents 21. For my family
22. Friends who lend me books 22. For my mom
23. Christmas break 23. For my family
24. My friends and family 24. For Christmas! : D

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