You know you’re an experienced parent when…

…you can use pure instinctive guts to know what your kids are doing.  My latest example?  

Larry’s working very late at the office, so it’s just me and the kiddos for homework, dinner, chores, and our Agents of Shield show.  With all that behind us, I send the kids off to bed.  I was wrapping up dishes in the kitchen and puttering around.  I heard them brush teeth and say goodnight to me and each other. I continued cleaning the kitchen for a bit, then I walked by Elliot’s bedroom door. It was shut and the lights were off. There was no noise. Nothing. With no reason other than my gut, I said in a normal/quiet speaking voice:  “Put the phone down.”  His *immediate* response: “I was just setting my alarm.”  uhhuh. right.

I continued down the hall to little Miss’s room.  Door was closed. Light was off. I pushed her door open gently. There was no reading light from her top bunk. I said quietly, “Good night, Meredith.”  No Response.  I continued softly, “I love you.”  Still no response. My last  quiet statement, “No more reading tonight,”  however, was greeted with a combined giggle and groan. “Ooookaaaay,” she said.  For good measure, I had her give me her book. Some temptations are too great to fight on your own. At least that’s what my gut is telling me.


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