Two Fortune Cookies and One Cookie of Misfortune

I am sick, sick, sick.  Larry and Elliot both are sick too. I’m sure Meredith is next. Between my coughing fits, fever, chills, sore throat, and aches I decided that take-out was the best answer for dinner: quick, easy, comfort foodie goodness. I asked the kids what they preferred, and for once they agreed on Chinese. Works for me. In fact, it works so well that I ordered enough for tonight (and later tonight) and tomorrow.  While we were enjoying our sweet, salty, fried deliciousness, I mentioned to the kids that they should try to get their fill of Chinese and Mexican food because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of those restaurants in Munich.  We passed the rest of the meal talking about the move and food.

Meredith finished her dinner first and requested a fortune cookie.  It read:   “Travels from nesting space will take you to a broader cultural horizon.”  (I kid you not.)

Mine read:  “Your present plans are going to succeed.” (Good news, be it the plans to move abroad or the more immediate plan to go to bed.)

Elliot’s read:  “Don’t let the unexpected throw you.”  And here’s what’s funny (or not) about that:  This afternoon, Elliot was thrown unexpectedly (and painfully) from his bike.  Thankfully he is okay. Elliot did not appreciate the irony, though.

The bike accident was the second incident in two weeks where my son gave me a heart attack. We spent the first 14 years of his life safe and predictable and out of the ER.  I would really like to see that trend continue.  Maybe I can find a fortune cookie that will reassure me.


One thought on “Two Fortune Cookies and One Cookie of Misfortune

  1. Fortune cookies are almost scary. The day I went into labor with Jason (three weeks early), I had Chinese for lunch, and my fortune cookie read, “Be prepared for a sudden, needed, and happy change in plans.” May all your fortune cookie surprises be positive ones. 😀


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