Off on our next adventure!

Man, it’s so hard keeping big things quiet!  But now that things are quite official I can share some pretty big news with the world: Larry has been offered a new position within Akamai. Starting next month he will be the Vice President of Platform Delivery EMEA. With this new position comes a new location. In January, our family will be relocating for a three (ish) year assignment to Munich, Germany.

As you may know, Larry and I met in Germany, so it holds a special place in our hearts. The kids are excited. We are excited. My parents are excited and very happy for us. Mom and dad already have plans to come see us in the spring. Please let us know if you too would like to come visit us or use us as an excuse to get to travel in Europe. We have a special calendar set up just for that very thing.

It’s going to be a crazy fall as we prepare for this big move! Dust off your passports and please make sure we know how to keep in touch with you (besides FaceBook). We will use FB, of course (even Larry got an account) but I imagine we will continue with the tradition of a family blog too (title to be announced, but we are thinking of calling it The Series of Small Humiliations). Stay tuned…




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