Summer vacation captures part 2: a multigenerational odyssey to Greece and Rome

How did it transpire that my kids and my parents went to Rome and Greece this summer?  Let me tell you.

Sometime over the winter, when we were snowbound up north and my mom was homebound with an illness in Florida she and I were talking on the phone.  Mom said she’d like to travel abroad this summer. Larry and I had just finished our annual budget and there was no real room for a European jaunt for us.  Mom said, “What about the kids?  Could I take your kids somewhere?”  Sure, I replied, not entirely sure that this line of thought would progress much farther than day dreaming.  Oh boy, was I mistaken.

A couple of days later, mom asked to FaceTime with the kids. During their rambling conversation, mom casually asked them, if they could go anywhere in the world, where would they choose?  Immediately and without hesitation, Elliot answered Rome and Merrie answered Greece.  Both of them had spend considerable time teaching themselves the respective history and mythology, so I really wasn’t surprised with their answers. I will admit I was a little surprised when mom announced to them a few days later over FaceTime that she was taking them on a cruise to Rome and Greece in the coming July.  Both kids were flabbergasted. Merrie literally cried with joy. And I tell you, the thoughts and planning for that vacation really got them through the dismal winter months.

So, last month, mom and dad, Merrie and Elliot set out for their cruise to Greece and their extended stay in Rome.  It absolutely was a trip of a lifetime.  Everyone had an amazing time and everyone came come a little closer to each other than they were before they left.

Full 70+ pictures are on my Facebook page, but here are a few family highlights.


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