Summer vacation captures part 1: The Verb-cation

What an amazing summer it’s been so far. We still have a month left, but we’ve already had such adventures I think they are worthy of two separate posts.  So first: The Verb-cation: Kim and Larry’s Excellent Northern Adventure.

This sums up our trip
This sums up our trip

Since the kids were going to be on their own amazing adventure with their grandparents, Larry and I decided to plan a little get away for ourselves. Nothing too expensive or too fancy. Just something that we would really enjoy doing, just the two of us.  When brainstorming about what we might like to do, a lot of outdoorsy verbs were thrown about:  camping, hiking, driving, kayaking, biking, picking’-n-grinnin’, picnicking.  Thus we decided to take a “Verb-cation.”  Larry got to researching and this is what he decided:

  • Day 1 -Salem to Arcadia National Park. Set up camp. Prep for hiking. Camp dinner.
  • Day 2 -big day hike. lunch on trail. Camp dinner
  • Day 3 – medium day hike. showers late afternoon. drive to Bar Harbor, dinner in town.
  • Day 4 –  break camp, drive to Hopewell Cape NB, reprovision? laundry?, get set up in yurt. Camp dinner
  • Day 5 – sea kayaking Bay of Fundy. Camp dinner
  • Day 6- break camp, drive to PEI, Red Point campground, setup camp. camp dinner
  • Day 7- day at beach, Basin Head park, camp dinner
  • Day 8 – break camp, drive to Halifax – stopping in Charlottestown PEI en route
  • check into hotel, dinner in town
  • Day 9 – 7/27: explore town on bikes, dinner in town, sleep
  • Day 10:- 7/28:  Drive home

For the most part, we stuck with the agenda.  The weather cooperated with us more than it was forecasted to do.  We adjusted here and there on meals or activities.  We definitely did not have a “beach day” because it was so cold and windy, but it made for an excellent day to drive around and explore (and it didn’t stop Larry from swimming in the Atlantic at Basin Head Beach). We also definitely did not get to rent bikes in Halifax, between the weather and the very hilly terrain, but instead found it very walkable once the rain cleared.  Instead, in Halifax, after a week sleeping in tents and yurts, we upgraded to a King Suite, and spent a very rainy day reading, napping, lounging, and enjoying the hot tub and sauna.

And while our two nights sleeping in that suite was luxurious, for me, the absolute highlight of a vacation filled with highlights was our stay in the Bay of Fundy area. We rented a yurt overlooking the Bay of Fundy’s town of Alma. We picnicked on the ocean floor. We sea kayaked among the Hopewell Rocks. Truly amazing!  (I’m going to stop the post here for now and publish but hope to get back and fill in more detail, maybe get Larry to give his $0.02).

The full 75 pictures capturing the trip are on my Facebook page (And that’s fodder for a different rant/post: where and what images to post where.  Between FaceBook, Flickr, Instagram, Ello, WordPress, and Smugmug, deciding what goes where, what’s worthy of redundancy is overwhelming.  But I digress.)



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