A bountiful and varied feeding of my soul

I have been feeding my soul lately with so many pleasurable things:  volunteering, art, cooking, photography, community involvement, time with family and friends.  I’ve been feeding my soul with challenging things too, like mandolin, sketching, and yoga. I struggle in these areas. They are hard and do not come naturally, but they feed me, too. However anyone who knows me will tell you that what feeds me most of all is travel. Travel above all does something for me. It makes my engine hum. It makes me feel alive and curious.  Like discussing what to have for lunch while at breakfast, I particularly enjoy planning trips while on trips.  I find there is something about traveling that is fundamental to my very being.  I joke with our family and friends: they may put down roots but I am a potted plant. My roots are in sand and easy to move.  I can find my bliss anywhere, but when in one place for too long, I get restless, the voices get stronger and meaner, and noticeable to no one but me, I start to atrophy a wee little bit on the inside.

Right now I am happy and centered and focused and grounded. I am humble and grateful and delighted. We have recently been to Chicago and to Baltimore. We will be going to Canada, and Maine and New Hampshire this summer. In the fall we will be traveling to Nashville. Next year mom and I are taking a trip just the two of us. My parents and kids are even going on a European cruise this summer (It’s interesting that I can celebrate vicariously and receive soul nourishment through travel osmosis).

Even among the amazing places we’ve been and the fantastic places we are going, I have a very excited,  tail-wagging quiver of joy of other potential travels.  I love to dream and scheme and plan and research almost as much as the actual travel itself. I keep myself open to the universe and welcome the opportunities that come my way.  Things have a way of happening for a reason and for the best.  Any whether dream or reality the prospect of travel keeps me well nourished.


One thought on “A bountiful and varied feeding of my soul

  1. Amazing post. For me personally, planning the next trip is my first experience of the journey. Something with what I can always dream me away to new places 🙂


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