Life is starting to ramp up

It has been a miserably rough winter.  Not just for me, I know, but still. And even though it is officially spring, there’s still a lot of cold and snow out there.  Regardless, I am pressing on and working very hard to get out of that god-awful #cookereaterdrinker mode.  And when I dare to raise my head up, I can see that so far, so good.

I revisited the goals that I laid out for myself when we were planning to leave Virginia and come back home. I decided that if I were going to chose to continue being a full time stay at home parent my goals would involve

1. Being more active at the kids’ school
2. Being more active in the neighborhood/city
3. Being more active in arts in our city
4. Continue my yoga practice

When looking at myself from this perspective, I’m actually doing OK.  And my involvement in these different areas is ratcheting up so much as to actually keep me pretty damn busy.  I have some grand ideas and small inroads, and serious deadlines that I need to work against.  Yes, there are still other areas that are woefully lacking (exercise, back to VB6, mandolin/music, photography), but I need to continue being kinder to myself and recognize that where I am right now is okay.


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