It’s a snowy view from our summit lately


Yes, that’s a snowbank that reaches the top of our garage.  Yes, those itsy bitsy black things in the lower right corner are our full sized trash barrels.  Yes, we have received record-breaking snow this past week. Yes, I am officially sick of it. Unfortunately, we have more snow in the forecast with really no where left to put it. Oh! and today our neighborhood has been dealing with a major water main break, so no clean water.  yeah…..

Luckily, the kids and I are homebodies by nature. We are not really experiencing cabin fever. So long as there is electricity, cable, and internet, we are all good.  I know some moms and dads must be out of their minds by now with all these snow days, and my heart goes out to them.  The worst that I can say for myself is that this weeklong weekend has wreaked havoc on all my good intentions for eating, drinking, and exercising. Lots of comfort food, lots of sleeping in, lots of screen time entertainment, one luxurious girls’  weekend away, and one fantastic Superbowl party (yay, Pats!!!!) all add up to a lot of delicious, slothlike undoing.  Oh, well.


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