No time like the present

Yesterday was my birthday. Today we are snowbound. There are a million little projects, chores, action items, that are vying for my attention, but none quite as appealing as posting to our family blog (followed very closely by a nap). It’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of January. Life certainly is moving at a very fast pace. It’s also hard to believe that this time one month ago, we were in sunny, warm, Florida, enjoying the sun, surf, and magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  That certainly made for a memorable — perhaps the best ever? –Christmas. We spent Christmas day with mom and dad. Larry cooked a feast and we were joined by our relatives for a delightful holiday dinner.  Then, very early the next morning, the four of us headed to Orlando. Based on the research I did, I had a very specific plan of attack for our visit to WWoHP, and it all worked out well.  Actually, it was damned near perfect. The crowds were very low. We hardly had any wait times at all. We were able to walk right onto the Hogwarts Express. We walked right onto the Gringotts ride.  And not only was there zero wait times for the interactive performance at Olivanders, but Meredith and I were chosen to participate in the wand selection. I will admit that in those moments I was an 11 year-old child who had just gotten her acceptance letter to Hogwarts.  I was crying with joy, and I if I had been given the opportunity to live in Diagon Alley I would.

After the whole family got its collective fill of Harry Potter, we headed into the rest of the park and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  Meredith took this opportunity to overcome her fear of roller coasters, and with her father, rode most of the coasters in the park multiple times. The weather stayed cool and overcast for us all day, which was perfect for us. It’s a luxury to be able to enjoy a theme park without sweating or getting sunburned.    It was a long, full, wonderful day.  I don’t know if we will ever get back.  I don’t know that we would ever need to go back. There was enough magic on our visit to last a lifetime.


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