Declaring Blog Bankruptcy

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. I know that.  Daily, I have a reminder to myself to write on the blog, but days go by and I don’t.  Then I feel guilty about not writing, and I spiral.  But yesterday, I decided — instead of berating myself for not writing — to ask myself why I was procrastinating on the task. It’s not that I find it a chore to write here. I actually love it and often find a great sense of catharsis and completion. So then why the feet dragging, Kim?

I came to realize that because this is the family blog and that I am writing for posterity, I feel compelled to capture certain things in certain order.  And because I am a photographer I feel obligated to include photographs.   So I should write about Thanksgiving. Then I should write about Meredith’s birthday. Then I should write about our family’s road trip — first to Virginia then to Florida. I should write about the amazing Christmas we had. I should detail our amazing family vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Universal theme parks. I should share details of our New Year’s celebration with dear friends and family. I should write about our road trip back home, stopping in Charleston and Richmond.  And I absolutely should capture the children’s daily gratitudes that they wrote for their Advent Calendars.   Then, and only then — once I’m caught up and in order with photographic documentation — could I allow myself to start to add some of the other day-to-day things.

Isn’t that absolutely ridiculous?  I mean, I get it. That’s how I am and it makes sense, but really. Come on.

So similar to how some people declare email bankruptcy (deleting it all and starting fresh) I am declaring blog bankruptcy and giving myself permission to post what I want, when I want in whatever order it comes. And if there are pictures, great! If not, I will use descriptive language that will allow you, the reader, to use your imagination. Or I won’t.

Whew!  I feel better already.  And If I didn’t have AFC and NFC championship games to watch, I’d probably sit right down and start babbling.  🙂


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