Still catching up: Stockholm and Copenhagen


Things are going to be  little out of order. I’m flipping back through our calendar to try to bridge the time between the Heron Pond Farm blog and present time, mostly because there was a lot of awesomeness that happened after we moved that I would like to keep for posterity.  One of the biggest events was that, thanks to Mom and Dad, Larry and I got to take a trip of a lifetime and spend two weeks (just us!!) in Stockholm and Copenhagen.  It was absolutely amazing and we managed to make some new friends in the process, which just extends the joy of the trip. It’s lovely, all these months later, to still see the place we visited through Instagram (Hej, Julia!)

While we were there the weather was perfect — almost too hot, but I’m not complaining about sun and warmth.  Larry joked that he is so fair-skinned he is the only person he knows that gets sunburned in places like Sweden and Ireland.  🙂 Our vacation was very relaxed. We did a home exchange with a family whose flat was perfectly located for us. We stayed in a terrific neighborhood that met or exceeded all our needs.  We rode bikes, picnicked in parks and on islands, explored the archipelago (and I can finally pronounce the word “archipelago” correctly), tried our hand at preparing Swedish foods, and frequented bakeries.

In the middle of our vacation, we took the high speed train to Denmark for a three day excursion. We stayed in an airbnb home, visited the Tivioli Garden Park, and had some interesting and awesome experiences including meeting some fun Finns and joining in on a rave under a bridge. ( Larry has an interesting analogy for the two cities, but I don’t think I can do it comedic justice. Maybe sometime he’ll post on the blog and share it.) Because the weather was so gorgeous (and most buildings there are not air-conditioned) we spent the vast majority of our time out-of-doors.  We did go to the Nordic Museum, the Vassa Museum, and the photography museum (all excellent) but otherwise we played outside. Bike riding in both cities is a dream and it motivated us to get our bike act together once we got home (but that’s a separate post).

I made a concerted effort to organize our vacation photos as soon as we got home, and I even managed to get a Shutterfly book printed of some of our favorites, so now we can more easily share the experience and reminisce.


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