Rule Number 7

In the vein of playing catch-up…  The first week of school, as Elliot told us, was mostly good. There was one incident, though, that he thought we should know about. 

His class was divided into teams of four, and each team was instructed to draft what they collectively felt should be the five rules for the class. (The idea being that each team would submit their five and then all teams — with the teacher — would decide on the best five out of all of them. Teamwork, collaboration, yadda yadda).

Elliot was the recording secretary for his little group.  They came up with their five rules, but still had time to spare.  So Elliot wrote on their paper:

Rule #6:  Have more than five rules.

He thought this was funny, and certainly harmless. But one of the young ladies at his table decidedly DID NOT.

*high pitched, bitchy voice*  Elliot! That’s not what we are supposed to do! That wasn’t part of the instructions! You’re not supposed to do that!  yip yip yip yap yap yap.

She totally laid into him, then she snatched the paper and forcefully crossed out Elliot’s Rule #6.

Elliot looked at her like she was way too tightly wound, snatched the paper back from her and proceeded to write:

Rule #7: Have a sense of humor.

Just as the girl was about to flip out on him again, the bell rang and the paper got handed in.

For the record, the teacher agreed with Rule #7.


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