Merrie’s Yummie Dog Treats

Merrie and Ginger

Our nine year old is a young entrepreneur.  All of this started because she wants to go to college without debt and she wants to help raise money and awareness for the local animal shelter.  She took what began as a fun pastime and a lemonade stand addition and morphed into a business.

Meredith and her nana have started Merrie’s Yummie Dog Treats.  And true-to-form, these two ladies are pretty amazing in executing on their vision. Meredith’s little company is a licensed business in Salem, has a federal EIN, a state tax ID, and has submitted product to the FDA. She is a member of the Salem Chamber of Commerce, has attended workshops at the University’s enterprise center, has opened a business bank account, and has a square credit card reader. Meredith has her own Instagram feed, her own Twitter feed, her own website (complete with e-Commerce), and her own email account. She worked a two-day vendor fair in downtown Salem, and hopes someday to speak at local schools, rotary clubs, and neighborhood associations about her experiences so far.  Most of all, she has put all her love of animals into these little dog biscuits that one person described as “crack for dogs.” While that probably won’t go on the logo anytime soon, it is flattering and fun.

Merrie has customers in Rhode Island, Virginia, Florida, and Maine, but she hopes to expand even further.  Who knows how far this will go? She has a great support system (her grandmother is production manager and CEO, her grandfather is office manager and is in charge of marketing and branding, her father is the green visor adviser and CFO, her brother is hired labor, and her mom is a useful generalist. And, of course, Ginger is our the quality control manager), but she also has talent, charm, and determination. With that combination, there is no stopping this child from accomplishing anything she wants. Watch out, world!


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